Hi, I’m Filip. When I was 18, I left the path of a career programmer to become a Czech journalist instead. Smart move, I know. But it worked out. Today, I work in Silicon Valley, using both my writing skills as well as my (mostly self-taught) Computer Science skills.

Filip 2x

This blog (newsletter?) is an attempt to bridge the gap between the “I can write code” level and the “I understand reified types” level of software development.

Basically, this is the intermediate developer’s blog. Most content out there is either for beginners (because that’s the largest audience), or it seems to assume you’re a senior software engineer with 20 years of experience (because, that’s the profile of the people who write these articles). This site sits between those two extremes.

The name of the blog, if you’re curious, is a nod towards self-organizing maps, self-hosting compilers, self-replicating machines, self-modifying code, and other cool self-* stuff.

I list my other projects over at filiph.net.

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