How to Hold Attention While Presenting Remotely

In 2020, if you’re giving a tech talk, chances are it’s not in person. You’re using something like Zoom, Hangouts, Skype, YouTube or StreamYard. This is generally a good thing: it allows others to learn from you despite a raging pandemic, and it also makes it easier for people in remote places to participate. But […]

Data mining

As a developer, there are hundreds of skills you can add to your belt. Front end, back end, ML, big data, databases, micro-controllers, CI, and so on. All of these are interesting and each of them brings exciting new career opportunities, or at least fun diversions. Today, I’m here to say that good old data […]

Guard clauses

Here’s a very simple idea that can make your code a lot easier to read. First, take in the following function: void describeEating(Item item) { if (!item.isFood) { print("Wait, that’s not even food!"); } else { if (item.isDelicious) { print("Hmm, that was good."); } else { print("Not bad. Nutritious."); } } } (Snippets on this […]